Marketing As Art
Karen Laffey

About the Artist

 appreciates art. She grew up on the beaches of Southern California and used the ocean and local mountain ranges as a pallet in her active lifestyle.  She wrote stories about nature and was published while completing a Secondary Teaching Credential in English and Communications.  After being hired as a publicist and government Information Specialist in San Francisco where she wrote for API, she  enjoyed teaching Creative Writing and Literature at the high school level.

Throughout her adult years in Aspen, Colorado and Marin County, Karen spent many hours taking photographs of nature and developed an appreciation for beauty. She has a keen eye for design and architecture, and incorporates her observations into artistic expression through photography, art, writing, marketing luxury properties, and delivering meaningful messages through the means of modern technology. 

Her family's encouragement of ballet, music, theatre, and travel made it clear that Karen's life would be centered around art of some form, ultimately showcasing other artists' work.  She collects original paintings, and practices Chinese Brush Painting.

Karen is a Business Consultant to authors, artists, architects, and small businesses. She lives in Larkspur, Ca with her partner Don, and her pets, Osker and Paddy O'Doole.

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